Installation finished - EVG low temperature fusion bonding equipment
Hong Kong, China – February, 2012 - Dymek finished the installation of EVG low temperature fusion bonding equipment in Shanghai in Feb. 2012. It will mainly be used for the Si-Ge and stained silicon bonding research.

EVG is the biggest advanced wafer level bonding supplier in the world. In MEMS field, 28 of the biggest 30 MEMS customers are using EVG equipment to make their product. EVG provides the full series equipment to support MEMS production, including Spin and Spray Coater · Double side Mask Aligner · Developer · Wafer Bonder · Bond Aligner · LT Plasma Activation · Temporary Bonder · Debonder · UV-NIL · Hot Embossing · µContact Printing · R&D and HVM · manual and fully integrated and all up to 300mm
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